Blindspot Galleries hosts mobile art exhibits using print technology and magnetic vinyl.

Temporary art pieces begin as a magnetic collection stuck to Blindspot's artistic hub, a white Ford minivan. As the car travels, the work is dispersed through visual exposure and the transient quality of the magnets. Though it's not overtly publicized, the work is not bound to Blindspot. Free for the taking, the interaction between creator and collector facilitates the plural nature of "Blindspot Galleries."
Blindspot's home base is in St. Louis, Missouri.


Inaugural exhibition featuring a reproductive, retrospective survery of works by Ida Appelbroog, Francisco de Goya, and Lisa Bulawsky. November 26, 2002 - February 16, 2003

Roxanne Phillips' colorful display of hundreds of screenprinted magnets pitting chairs against lamps. February 27- March 30, 2003


Brandon Anschultz's Country Squire transforms the surface of Blindspot's white veneer to mimic the 1960's Ford vehicle of the same name. April 6 - May 6, 2003


Rachel Mason shows a collection of twenty short phrases along with cryptic images that explore our relationship with the media, our politicians, and our international policy. May 24 - July 31, 2003


Using 55 sets of alphabets for a total of over 1500 letters, Gina Alvarez creates an installation along the lines of magnetic poetry, inviting viewers to participate in spontaneous communication. October 1 - December 31, 2003


A note about printmaking and public art:

Prints have always functioned in the spaces of everyday life. The social role of the print throughout history has been that of the entertainer and the teacher, whether it be in the form of religious icons, playing cards, reproductions, posters, newspapers, or advertisements. Blindspot Galleries draws from this history and context to show work that is very direct, that bypasses art world obstacles to having the work seen, that is altruistic and humanitarian, and that capitalizes on the nature of the print as a multiple.

A note about Lisa Bulawsky, the Director of Blindspot Galleries:

Lisa Bulawsky is an artist and Assistant Professor of Printmaking and Drawing at Washington University, School of Art in St. Louis. Her works on paper have been exhibited nationally, won many awards, and are in numerous collections. She is the founder of Vertigo Press, an umbrella organization for carrying out a variety of public art projects and interventions. In September of 2000, Lisa worked locally in St. Louis with Arts in Transit and the students in her Elective Printmaking class to produce an oversized woodcut that was printed by a Bi-State bus. The ink on the woodcut was transferred to magnetic vinyl by the pressure of the bus passing over it. The print then hung in the ad space on the side of the bus. This event, Making Connections, and the 2002 Vertigo Press public project, (p)alms, also a magnetic print exhibition, were the forerunners for the inception of Blindspot Galleries.

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